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Remote Support with the RealWear HMT-1 

To be able to work perfectly with remote support solutions, industrial goods companies such as plant and machine construction often use Smartglasses. Smartglasses are distributed by various suppliers on the market. Among the providers are well-known companies such as Google and Microsoft, but also smaller, less well-known providers. In the following, RealWear's Smartglass will be described, which the company itself rather presents as an intelligent headset - the HMT-1 (Head Mounted Tablet).

How is the RealWear HMT-1 Designed? 

First and foremost, RealWear's intelligent HMT-1 consists of the headband, camera and microdisplay. The bracket serves as a holder for the microdisplay and contains the electronics required for the control and function of the interfaces.Furthermore, the intelligent headset contains a rechargeable battery, a processor with memory, four microphones (A1, A2, B1, B2), a loudspeaker through which the service expert's instructions sound, sensors, antennas, memory card slot, GPS and interfaces for WiFi, Bluetooth, USB etc.. 

Application Areas of the HMT-1 

The HMT-1 can be used for a wide range of applications. It can be used for commissioning, assembly, inspection and maintenance of machines, for the acceptance of special parts, for training courses or also in trade and logistics for commissioning and re-ordering. Probably the best known application is that of remote support when problems occur: If, for example, a fault occurs on a machine in a production hall and is noticed by the responsible employee, he or she contacts a service expert. In order to gain an exact understanding of the problem, the service expert logs into the corresponding Remote Support solution (such as ADTANCE Support) on his desktop in the office to start a session with the worker on site via live video chat. The service expert then passes on the session number which this individual session bears to the employee in the field. He then sets up the Smartglass - in our case the HMT-1 from RealWear - which is also equipped with the remote support solution. The worker in the field enters the presented session number via voice control within the app. Both parties are now in the same live video session. The service technician can view the machine and the assumed source of error with a virtual shoulder view. In 90% of all cases, the service expert finds the error after inspecting the machine and the employee can solve the problem with the help of the service technician - there is no need for the service technician to travel, the problem is solved immediately.

Possibilities of Remote Support with the HMT-1 from RealWear

The audio-visual transmission of the HMT-1 enables the employee in the field to hear instructions from the service expert and at the same time see markings made by the service expert in the field of vision (via augmented reality) on the microdisplay and carry out work on the machine. Furthermore, the expert can take screenshots of the field worker's field of vision from a distance, mark additional information in it and send it back to the worker in the field. This is especially helpful when there is a poor Internet connection. But not only screenshots can be sent to the field worker, also files with important information about affected machines can be sent to him. Depending on the remote support solution, language barriers are also no problem if they offer an integrated language translation function.

All in all, Remote Support and Smartglass enable service technicians to not only react immediately, but also to act immediately on service requests. Customers experience fast and efficient service.

Advantages of Remote Support with Smartglass:

Der Remote Support with Smartglass offers a number of advantages, some of which are listed below:
  • Minimization of downtime: The downtime of machines, workers or entire production plants can quickly become expensive for all parties involved - with Remote Support and HMT-1 downtime is reduced to a minimum
    Reduction of travel time and costs for service technicians: Less travel time due to the possibility of remote diagnosis via live video chat means less costs and creation of more capacity for service cases.
  • Fast solution finding: By eliminating the need for the service technician to travel to the site, shorter problem-solving processes are guaranteed. If the individual expert is unable to solve a problem, Remote Support gives him the opportunity to access expert know-how from all over the world - a video call is enough.
  • Reduction of training time: With Remote Support, trainees can be sent out into the field quickly or new trained employees can take on responsibility earlier because help can be requested at any time - remotely.
  • Conservation of expert knowledge: The recording function of the HMT-1 allows repairs and complex work processes to be recorded (with video, sound and markings made) from the point of view of the worker in the field at the machine. The know-how thus remains available even if the worker leaves the company.

Benefits of the RealWear HMT-1 

Even though it is basically possible to carry out remote support with smartphones or tablets, Smartglass offers several advantages over the mobile devices mentioned above. Unlike a smartphone or tablet, RealWear's HMT-1 allows the field worker to work hands-free during the problem-solving process. When using the remote support solution with a smartphone or tablet, the respective device must be held and guided with at least one hand. Thus the RealWear HMT-1 usually provides the basis for the implementation of remote support solutions.

The HMT-1 also offers the advantage that it can be used in wet, dusty, hot and noisy industrial environments. If you work in hazardous environments with oils, gases or in the chemical industry, we would like to mention the 
HMT-1Z1 from RealWear. It is ATEX Zone 1 and CSA C1/D1 certified and thus classified as highly robust. Nevertheless, as a also robust, head-mounted device, the HMT-1, like the HMT-1Z1, can optionally be attached to safety helmets or even shield caps and used with safety goggles or prescription glasses.

The smart headset's high-resolution microdisplay fits exactly into your field of view. So it seems like you have a small 7-inch tablet in front of your eyes. The microdisplay is handy and easy to use: When you need it, you swing it into your field of vision and adjust it to your requirements; when you don't need it, you simply swing it out of your field of vision.

The RealWear HMT-1 runs with all our powerful software applications, e.g. 
ADTANCE SupportWorkflowDMS etc. and is optimized for completely hands-free voice control. That means no scrolling, swipe or typing is necessary. The simple voice command controls the intelligent headset. The HMT-1 can be used for video calls for distance learning, document navigation, guided workflows, mobile forms and industrial IoT data visualisation.

For more information, such as the tabular summary of product features and information on product accessories, download the corresponding information sheets as a PDF file:


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